Parts Made of Zinc

Parts made of zinc. Die casting part production has been a way of manufacturing parts for over a century. This technique of making parts of various sizes by melting nonferrous metals and injecting them into molds have been found to be especially useful in mass production. Historically, die casting is used for the production of printer’s type. Die casting of other shapes soon followed as various applications for the production method were discovered. What started out as a production method using predominantly tin and lead, the die casting method eventually found zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper to be workable materials.

The most popular alloy to die cast is Zinc alloy. It is a material that is strong and hard with high thermal conductivity. It is also inexpensive as a raw material that is why it is preferred by most manufacturers of all types of zinc parts. It also has an excellent thin wall capability that lessens the occurrence of incomplete parts due to molten metal not flowing through thin walls fast enough before hardening. Zinc is also highly resistant to corrosion making for die cast parts that are durable.

Furthermore, there are various types of zinc parts that are manufactured using the zinc die casting process. Die casting of these types of zinc parts are popular production options for a number of industries. Among those parts that are manufactured through zinc die casting are: electronic connectors, chassis and frames, mobile phone antennae, mechanical gears, switches, fasteners, automotive components, and golf clubs. There are a lot more parts that are made from zinc die castings. While a number of parts have already been replaced with plastic moldings due to reasons of cost and practicality, zinc die casting parts still remain to be the choice of materials for most industries requiring strength and durability.

American Die Casting Company
American Die Casting Company

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The Uses of Zinc in Our Lives

The Uses of Zinc in Our Lives. Zinc is recognizable by its bluish-grey or sometimes bluish-white color. Its other name is mock-silver. Miners mine it because of its unique properties which are very useful in our industries. In fact, zinc is the fourth most used metal, after iron, aluminum, and copper.

Zinc is found in quite a number of our day-to-day products. It is in white paint and watercolors in the form of zinc oxide, in deodorants in the form of zinc chloride, in toothpaste as zinc lactate, in sunscreen, anti-dandruff shampoo, and also in multivitamin supplements. In the industrial world, zinc is used in batteries and electrical products, for galvanizing iron and the preparation of some alloys, in building construction such as roofing material and facades, in miniature zinc castings, in the automotive, communications, and electronic industry.

Furthermore, die casting zinc is a useful metal chemical element in the industrial world because of its properties such as resistance to corrosion, its malleability at certain given temperatures, its brittleness at other temperatures, its ductility, its low boiling and melting point, low viscosity and therefore low working temperature, its good electrochemical potential, good thermal and electrical conductivity, good impact value, greater stability and durability, greater resistance at high temperatures, and superior electrical properties.

Because of all these properties, the metal is perfectly suitable in making miniature zinc castings. Zinc is fashioned into small parts as components of larger machines, gadgets, or devices. These small zinc parts are used in an unbelievably wide range of applications. From lead screws to panel nuts, from switches to connectors; computer and telecommunication hardware components, electrical hardware, security devices and industrial controls, lock components, fiber optics, sporting goods, all these might have small parts made of zinc.

Die Casting Zinc Company
Die Casting Zinc Company

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The Parts of Zinc Die Casting

The Parts of Zinc Die Casting. Because the popularity of zinc die cast parts has reached new heights in recent years, some people think making them is just easy. They couldn’t be more wrong. Zinc die cast parts are made using a process that is strict, accuracy-conscious, and perfection-oriented. This process is no less than zinc parts die casting, one of the most preferred methods in casting these days because of the vast number of advantages they offer to both consumers and manufacturers.

Zinc die casting is an old process that involves the injection of molten zinc metal into reusable molds, also known as zinc tooling dies, with the use of high pressure. There are different kinds of metal that can be used in the process; they may be ferrous or non-ferrous. Held under high pressure, the chosen zinc metal remains in the chamber until it solidifies or hardens into a net-shaped part and becomes what becomes known as a zinc die cast part. Precision is the key in making zinc die cast parts that are shaped and measured to perfection.

The process of zinc die casting is regarded in the metalworking industry as the most versatile one. No other metal casting process existing today allows for a wide array of options in sizes, shapes, design intricacy, measurement preciseness, and dimensional tolerance. There are so many things that can be done using the process in order to satisfy consumer needs for both commercial and industrial purposes. Homes and offices, as well as private and public entities, Miniature zinc castings, can benefit greatly from the choices available. The process of making zinc die cast parts is indeed a valuable one.

hot chamber zinc die casting machine
hot chamber zinc parts

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Beautiful Die Casting Zinc

Beautiful Die casting zinc. From forcing molten metal zinc under high pressure into mold cavities, products from and for zinc die casting are formed. Die casting zinc, as we know it, is one fine way to produce small to medium sized zinc parts that has good and intricate details, delicately formed surfaces, and that has consistency in dimensions making it as a very welcome addition in the production industry.

Some of you may wonder what materials are used in this very clever process. With die casting, raw materials and elements (or non-ferrous metals as they are properly called) like zinc, copper, aluminum, magnesium, lead, and tin based alloys are used. These non-ferrous metals, as their collective name suggests, contains no trace of iron. And although these are the materials that are commonly used, ferrous materials (or materials that has traces of iron) can also be used in this process.

What about the process itself, you may ask? Well, die casting zinc begins with closing the mold after being sprayed with a lubricant. By spraying lubricant on the mold, the temperature of the die can easily be controlled and the removing the zinc casting later on will be much easier. After this first step, using a hot chamber zinc die casting machine, molten zinc metal that is under high pressure of around 10—175 MPa (1,500—25,000 psi) is shot into the die. This amount of pressure is kept once the die is filled and until it is totally solidified. Filling the die by using a high-pressure injection is done so that the whole cavity would be filled before zinc parts of the entire zinc casting hardens. Moreover, using a high-pressure injection helps makers avoid irregularities in form even if there are parts of the zinc casting that are not easy to fill due to its irregular shape.

And with a Hot Chamber Zinc process as long as this one, one can be sure that the results will be beautiful die casting zinc parts.

zinc alloy die casting parts
zinc alloy die casting parts

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